Southern Sea, Return to Oneself

“For people living their whole life in a dictatorship it is hard to find a zone of freedom. But my life in the 1970s was not limited to work in a poultry plant; there was no shortage of beautiful moments and romanticism. With a few friends (their group has narrowed considerably) we travelled for the summer holiday to Himara, a village on the sea in southern Albania. The children were still small. For us they were the source of the purpose and joy of life. The life of the village, the mentality of the residents and their relation to the visitors from the city, their stories and everyday life, were very similar to what I knew from the poultry plant. The system exploited the same tools and methods for controlling the life of every citizen, whether in the countryside or in the city.

But we tried to overcome the limitations and protect our private happiness. The seaside village in the summer was the only place where you could escape from reality. I drew moments free of stress: clear, fleeting moments full of youthful enthusiasm, music, and the magic sounds of nature.” (Edi Hila)

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